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8 Signs Your Child Needs Braces

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You’re Not Alone If Your Child Requires Orthodontics — 75 Percent Of All Kids And Teens Require Some Type Of Invisalign® Or Braces!

Orthodontic care is just a part of growing up for kids — at one point or another, they’ll likely require braces or Invisalign. So, how do you know? As a parent or caregiver, you’ll likely know if your child will need braces. It starts with a crooked tooth or a large gap, and in time, your dentist can help you determine the best course of action.

Anthem Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics in Henderson specializes in pediatric orthodontics and implements innovative iTero scanning technology to address and then treat your child with the leading orthodontic solution — Invisalign. Learn more about the tell-tale signs that your child may need orthodontics in today’s post.


Does Your Child Really Need Braces?

Before we get to the signs, parents are always left wondering if their child really needs braces. Beyond aesthetics, braces play a large role in your child’s overall dental health. Braces make oral health improvements, for example, if your child has a misaligned bite, straighter teeth can take the stress off that specific area and reduce wear and tear.

Crowded, crooked, and overlapping teeth can also create issues when brushing and flossing, so bacteria and plaque can build up causing cavities and gum disease. Braces straighten teeth making it easier for basic oral health and more effective cleaning.

Orthodontic care can also aid kids with speech issues. When teeth are too far in or out, this can impact speech patterns. Braces adjust the positioning of the teeth, often mitigating speech concerns in the process!

Know that we know why your child might need braces, let’s get to the signs!

How To Spot If Your Child Needs Braces

Orthodontic care will vary from child-to-child, but it most often occurs between 8 and 14 years old. Because our Henderson office specializes in pediatric orthodontics, treatments may be implemented even earlier, learn more about our process by reading Pediatric Orthodontics: Early Orthodontic Treatment For Kids.


Your child has an overbite – An overbite is when the top teeth overlap the bottom teeth. If your child bites down and you can’t see their bottom teeth, they likely have a bit of an overbite. It’s when overbites are extensive that they may cause dental issues — the sooner you seek intervention, the better.

Your child has an underbite – An underbite is similar to an overbite except for the bottom set of teeth protrude. This can become a major issue if your child falls or has trauma to the face because these teeth take all of the impact.

Your child has teeth with a large gap – When teeth have too much space between them it can still cause issues with food getting lodged between the teeth causing discomfort and tooth decay.

Your child has teeth that don’t meet – Teeth that don’t meet on either side may indicate that your child has a crossbite, which causes an uneven wear and tear over time.

Your child has crooked teeth – Crooked teeth are the number one reason parents ask about orthodontics. Teeth grow in crooked as a result of kids not having enough space for their adult teeth or their overall jaw structure can’t accommodate them.

Your child has speech concerns – Whether your child has a lisp or has trouble saying certain words, it could be related to the alignment of their teeth. Connect with our pediatric orthodontic specialists who can help better determine if braces could benefit your child or if speech therapy might be a better option.

Your child has trouble eating or biting – When teeth are misaligned, it can be uncomfortable for your child to eat. They are also more prone to biting their cheeks and tongue when the teeth are crooked.

Your child experiences mouth or jaw pain – Your child may not have obvious signs like an overbite or a large gap in their teeth, but they may be experiencing mouth or jaw pain as a result. It’s important to schedule an orthodontic consultation to get to the bottom of their underlying discomfort.

Schedule A Pediatric Orthodontic Consultation Today!

If you’re still wondering if your child could benefit from braces because they show signs listed above such as an underbite or speech concerns, connect with our Henderson office to schedule a braces consultation.

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