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Is Nitrous Oxide Safe For Kids?

Behind The Laughing Gas Of Pediatric Sedation Dentistry. Bringing your child into the dentist may elicit a range of feelings depending on their previous experiences, but if they have even a little bit of trauma associated with the dentist, they may have a full-blown fear or extreme anxiety when they…
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8 Signs Your Child Needs Braces

You’re Not Alone If Your Child Requires Orthodontics — 75 Percent Of All Kids And Teens Require Some Type Of Invisalign® Or Braces! Orthodontic care is just a part of growing up for kids — at one point or another, they’ll likely require braces or Invisalign. So, how do you…
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Leveling Up Pediatric Orthodontics: The ITero Intraoral Scanner

Get Better Results With This 3D Scanning Technology! Traditional orthodontic x-rays can only provide a two-dimensional look at a patient’s teeth and often lag in real-time diagnostics. The reason for this? It is because the data can rapidly change in growing kids or the scans can be difficult to read,…
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Breaking The Habit: Pacifiers And Thumb Sucking

Improve Your Child’s Oral Health By Helping Them Break These Habits. For infants and young children, sucking is a very instinctual and natural habit — it’s comforting and relaxing, and it signals security, so the use of pacifiers and even thumb sucking early in life is common and familiar. And…
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The Importance Of Dental X-Rays For Kids

Improve Your Child’s Dental Health With X-Rays! Pediatric dental x-rays are a great way to monitor dental health and proper teeth development as your little one grows. Your local dentist is able to use this tool to help prevent and treat any issues and use it as an early diagnostic…
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Pediatric Orthodontics: Early Orthodontic Treatment For Kids

Address Bite And Teeth Issues Now! Pediatric orthodontics is used to address bite irregularities in children from an early loss in baby teeth, harmful oral habits such as thumb sucking to genetic concerns. It helps prepare and set the child up for a healthy and functional smile. Anthem Pediatric Dentistry…
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Teeth-Healthy Snacks For Kids

Support Their Teeth Through The Foods They Eat! In our last post, we explored the oral microbiome and found that one of the best ways to support oral health is by eating a healthy diet. Create healthy food habits and promote oral health for your child through the snacks they eat!…
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The History Of Dentistry In The 20th Century

Dentistry is a branch of medicine that specializes in diagnosing, treating, maintaining, and improving disorders of teeth and gums, playing an important role in overall healthcare. The importance of oral health isn’t just localized to your mouth, either. Your mouth is the primary entry point for all sorts of disease-causing…
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The Benefits Of Pediatric Dentistry In 2020

Kids and adults both need dental healthcare, but the type of treatment kids receive from the dentist is different from what adults receive. Pediatric dentistry calls for specialized training, treatments, tools, and medical knowledge. To make sure all procedures that are performed are as effective, efficient, and stress-free as possible,…
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