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Discussing Braces With Your Teen

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Help Your Teen Navigate And Cope With Their Newfound Braces!

When your teenager is at their scheduled 6-month cleaning the conversation of braces is bound to happen. With some kids, they beg you for braces and cannot wait to straighten and improve their smile, while others are a little more hesitant and wary of this new change.

Wherever your teen falls on the subject of braces, Anthem Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics in Las Vegas can help guide you and your teen on what to expect when they get braces.

Getting Braces As A Teen

Braces are the modern American teen’s rite of passage — they go hand-in-hand with getting your driver’s license and your first teenage crush! But, they’re not always the most welcomed thing — teen’s often fear the teasing and bullying that can happen with braces, or are nervous about how they’ll impact their daily lives.



Getting braces at Anthem Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics is a great place for orthodontics because we offer a variety of options that are better tailored to the individual. Depending on what your teen is dealing with and what the treatment plan entails, there many different choices beyond what we think of as traditional braces.

We offer traditional metal and ceramic braces, self-ligating braces, and Invisalign®, to make orthodontics a better experience for teens!


Compliance plays an integral role in your teen’s success, especially if they’re doing Invisalign®, but with traditional braces as well. The more they’re active in their orthodontic treatment by wearing their Invisalign® retainers or other appliances for their braces, the more effective they’ll be, and the less likely they’ll have to wear them longer.

As a parent or caregiver to your teen, it’s important to help them stay compliant — routines really help, especially during the holidays and summer when they’re out of school.


It’s important that your teen is caring for their braces properly, so this is where the education piece comes in. Think back to when you had braces — the last you wanted to do was brush and floss your braces at a sleepover or use the movie theater bathroom to pick popcorn out from your brackets, but these are the things that make dental health (and braces) a success!

Have a conversation with your teenager and explain to them why proper cleaning methods are so important. Go through brushing and flossing techniques and provide them the tools to be successful such as a Waterpik or small, bendable brushes to clean brackets with.

At Anthem Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics, we’re here to support you both in this journey! Know we have your back and are always available to help provide your teen with additional education they may need.


It’s important to help prepare your kids upcoming braces with honesty. Explain to them that they might experience a little discomfort in the beginning and that it’ll take more effort in their at-home dental routine than what they’re used to.

Have an open conversation about braces and answer all the questions they may have.


Addressing expectations surrounding braces is hugely important because when your teen hears they may have to wear their braces for over a year, this equates to a lifetime to them! Discuss why they have to wear them for this time period and talk about ways that they can make the best of this time.


It’s important that when your teen gets braces, that you’re empathetic and supportive. Sometimes parents and caregivers can unknowingly disrupt their teen’s success with braces by accidentally buying foods they can’t have — gum and sticky candy. This can be frustrating because they get a constant reminder of what they can’t have.

Instead, embrace the orthodontic journey with them, and commit to buying foods that the whole family can enjoy.


Help your teen by cultivating good habits in their orthodontics. This may be in the little details of cutting up hard fruits and veggies to leaving out a saltwater rinse to help ease any pain and discomfort.

It’s also important to lead by example and show your teen that you’re invested in your dental health by following through with daily brushing and flossing.

Getting braces as a teen can be a big change — suddenly they have to adjust what they eat and how they care for their teeth, not to mention, the socioemotional impact of feeling self-conscious or worried about what their peers might think.

The more support you can provide them at this time, the better! Give them the tools and resources they need to be successful as they navigate braces as a teen!

Anthem Pediatric Dentistry And Orthodontics In Las Vegas Provide Teens With Braces!

If you and your teenager are ready to discuss braces and move forward with a treatment plan, connect with our Las Vegas office to schedule an appointment!

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