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Leveling Up Pediatric Orthodontics: The ITero Intraoral Scanner

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Get Better Results With This 3D Scanning Technology!

Traditional orthodontic x-rays can only provide a two-dimensional look at a patient’s teeth and often lag in real-time diagnostics. The reason for this? It is because the data can rapidly change in growing kids or the scans can be difficult to read, rendering them inconclusive.

iTero intraoral scanners are implemented at Anthem Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics in Henderson, for an innovative and solid solution to pediatric orthodontic issues. Learn more about the iTero intraoral scanner in today’s post.

What Is The ITero Intraoral Scanner?

iTero intraoral scanners leverage three-dimensional scans of patients’ mouths, capturing clear and concise images in minutes — they create excellent scans and make digital scans a breeze for smaller pediatric patients to sit through. iTero scans are extremely detailed and easily and effectively replace traditional two-dimensional images that were once standard.

How Do ITero Scanners Operate?

The iTero intraoral scanner we use in our Henderson office features a small wand that dental professionals can move around a patient’s mouth to quickly capture 3D images to complete a perfect visualization of the patient’s mouth.

The wand can access hard-to-reach nooks and crannies such as the back of the mouth near the molars, for a more precise scan.

The Advantages Of The iTero Intraoral Scanner

The iTero digital scanner isn’t just new and fancy equipment we have at Anthem Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics in Henderson, it vastly improves the outcome of pediatric orthodontics, namely Invisalign®.


In the past, getting a clear picture of a patient’s mouth was reliant on dental molds, which is not always the most pleasant experience for our littlest orthodontic patients. It’s putting a weird substance in your mouth for an extended amount of time — think mouthguards with a slimy filling you have to keep in place — and, if you don’t get the impression just right, chances are you’ll have to go through it again.

This is all avoided with the iTero Intraoral Scanner. Images can be taken in no time and kids love that they too can see their teeth.


The iTero scanner creates predictive modeling images that not only show images of the patient’s teeth in real-time, but also how their teeth will change with Invisalign® over the treatment course. These results are something that kids, and their parents or caretakers, can see and get excited about.

This innovative digital scanner provides patients the confidence in orthodontics that they don’t often get with traditional orthodontic imaging.


One of the best things about pediatric orthodontics is that kids’ teeth move and correct beautifully, but you need technology that can keep up with these rapid changes. The iTero scanner does just that — it can quickly detect changes and allow dentists to make accurate adjustments that create the best orthodontic outcome.


Not only can the iTero Intraoral Scanner provide amazing results in pediatric orthodontics, it can also be implemented into our typical pediatric dentistry treatments. The digital scanner is flexible in that it can also be used for dental implants, bridges, and crowns, should your child ever need them. It’s a great diagnostic tool that can even be used to detect dental trauma or better diagnose future dental issues the patient may experience — early detection allows the dentist to develop a treatment plan that potentially provides better outcomes.

Get Better Results With The ITero Intraoral Scanner

At the end of the day, the technology of the iTero scanner delivers unparalleled images for a more effective pediatric orthodontic protocol through better fittings that are precise, saving you time and maybe even money for a shorter, more accurate treatment period.

From advanced technology without messy molds or impressions and predictive modeling that lets you see what the outcome will be to enhanced accuracy and treatment flexibility, the iTero Intraoral Scanner invests in your smile!

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Our responsibility to our patients is always providing an innovative approach to pediatric dental care that incorporates the latest technology and professional development that enhances every area of our dental practice.

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